Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Process

Life is Good!

Thank God for everything in my life.

Anyway... I took a long break from everything including photography. I distanced myself from lots of things. Which is healthy, you should try it. ;)

 I am back with a new energy and a very fresh new way of thinking.

I never understood "trust the process" line. I admit, I am a person with no patience, and I am always tested. So, the process was something I never cared about. Why should I care? I didn't know. That was my fear. Not knowing. But, when you trust Allah and know that he is always there for you and choose the best for you. No fear should be there. Trust him. He is making the process for you. So, trust. :)

Finally... after a long time of struggle I gave up and trusted the process. I accepted everything. Life is much easier.. hard but easier. Now, I can say I am a recovering perfectionist. I hate that word now. Yes, I do. Perfectionist...ugh.

I received an emotional email, well at least emotional to me.

"I was depressed.. but I found your blog"

Pretty much that was the e-mail. I didn't know what post touched that person or how. All I know that I never thought that I would make that impact or at least it wasn't my intention to do so. I'm just sharing what I think.. feel or mostly photographs. Sometimes, writing something in your blog can change someone's perspective. I didn't know... now I do.

Whoever you are. I am glad I did. Someone commented the same in one of the posts. I didn't feel too happy about it. I just felt the responsibility. What did I do? Then I realized I can do a lot. I am already doing a lot lol. But, writing a positive note once in a while won't hurt anyone .. don't ya think!

I am encouraged to write more after those reactions. As I said, I am not perfect. Probably that's why you feel connected. Despite our differences in races.. colors... religions.. ideologies.. whatever. We all share the same thing. We are not perfect. But, at least let us try to do the right thing. :)

Trust the process guys... lets begin a new journey in this blog. I hope I can give you a very small light in your dark days. As I need some light too myself. ;)

Let's help each other...


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Live Now..

Many people who know me, know exactly how I feel about photography. The passion, the love and the taste of success. The past year I started look at photography differently. One day, I had an epiphany. Photography is giving me deep thoughts about life in general.

Living the moment is one of them. Now, I must admit that I was - somehow still- the type of person who was always worried about the future and over thinking of the past, till I reached a point where I said enough is enough. I realized its effecting my health and the way I looked at life in general.

Photography taught me to focus on NOW. Live the moment to the fullest and concentrate on the shot. Don't think about anything else in that exact moment. Live it up. Now, I feel that way about photography in general. I am focusing on that. I'm not thinking too much these days because I don't want to. Also, I'm not allowing anyone to waste my time... even if I'm doing nothing. I am living the moment and I'm not letting you come between me and my peace of mind.

I don't know how it all started. I think it was a wake up call. Regardless of what's the reason behind this change. I'm glad it happened. I always look at everything around me as a spiritual practice. Is photography a spiritual practice for me? Absolutely true! I consider photography a form of meditation. Even with those meaningless shots I take once in awhile. I see something different. Sometimes not about the subject in front of me, but inside me.

With outdoor work,,, I look at the grass differently. How green! Beautiful! Peaceful! The flowers ... are full of colors, breathing the cool air. I took a time lapse clip once of a mosque and I captured the movement of the clouds. This is beauty. Now, I find it very unreasonable how someone rejects the idea of a creator of this beauty around us.

As a Muslim, it made me more spiritual. When I read the Quran now - soon! a post on Quran photography- I read it as a definite guide to my heart, soul and mind.  Nothing can combine these three as Quran, That's my opinion and you can try it out if you want to. ;)

I am not trying to be Deepak Chopra lol. I didn't plan on writing this post. It just came out of me and I'm pretty happy about it. I am a very logical person. I love logic. I love thinking. I love sensibility. I love being an intellectual person. Simple and clear. Now,  I see things differently.. it is my choice.

Finally, NEVER lose yourself for anything or anyone. Be original. Be YOU! and please try to live NOW.

Thank you

- Rawan

Saturday, October 25, 2014

My Logo

Finally! My logo is done. I designed many logos in the past few years for many people. But this one didn't take much time to design. I didn't want to over think of the perfect logo. I struggled a lot with seeking perfection in everything I do. I still in a way, but much lesser than before.

I am a simple person so I want something simple to present me. It's up to the viewer to analyze the logo and simply know who I am as a person. :)

This is a new step. A new chapter. A new beginning. More forgiving yet full of passion for photography. Let's live it up that way... 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Moon Meditation

Tuesday . October 7th 2014. 

Each time I take a shot of the moon, I learn something new. Observing the details. The imperfections are honest and clear yet so beautiful at the same time. Strange feelings. Exactly what happens with certain people you love. Their imperfections make them more beautiful each time you look at them because of their honesty. 

Be around these people. Who are honest with their love. Who are welling to give you whatever you ask for without asking. Make sure you do the same. Because they deserve it. Now, of course you will be in shock every now and then. People are not the same. Lies are also around as much as honesty. Believe in the existence of contradictions. Don't ask for loyalty and deny betrayal at the same time. 

Still.. Be there .. Out there. Don't let these shocks define you. Be successful as big as you can. Shift your focus to the worthy stuff. Don't let these people waste your time. We are here for a limited time but with unlimited potentials and gifts. Feel sorry for those who don't know what their gifts and talents are and why God put them on this earth . They'll keep making fun of others and forget to look at themselves. I have a good news for you.. they are replaceable. :) 

In addition to your loving family and good friends...surround yourself with genuine and honest people. Time will show you their honesty. God will send you these ones without asking. As long as you have good intentions.. no fear should be around. We are living for the afterlife after all. Don't pay much attention to the worldly stuff. :) 

That was my meditation with the moon this month. Hopefully, I'll learn something new next...