Saturday, July 26, 2014

Quran - A Journey

This is my personal journey with this book. Different emotions and thoughts hit you each time you open and read it. You can never reach that level of spirituality with anything, I promise. This is reality. A beautiful one. Wisdom comes through it and touches your heart. You will leave the world of materialism behind you. You will be in another world. A world that you wish you would live in forever. I am not exaggerating. I am just trying to express my feelings. You can tell that my words are all over the place. Because my spirit is in a different place. A place of calmness, contentment and freedom. This is a book for the world. Read it.  

- Rawan

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Be strong. Pray.

Islamic Prayer. Photo From Google Images. 

Tonight something happened. I don't know why I want to write about it but I'm doing it anyway. This Ramadan I wanted to make sure to attend all the prayers at the mosque after the sunset prayer. It feels great. Nothing can bring me closer to God more than going to his house and pray. I leave the world behind me and try to think about my connection with the creator.

Tonight, while I was getting ready to pray. As some of you know, in the mosque we don't pray individually. You can in certain situations, but in general we don't. We pray next to each other in straight lines. Facing the direction of Makka.

Suddenly, A woman next to me held my hand. She was falling down. I grabbed her and was so scared "What happened?!" I asked in shock.. She fell down and sit .. looked up at me and said "pray!"

It was one of the scariest moments in my life. I can't get over the horror I felt. I couldn't concentrate! I was praying to God to safe her from whatever she's feeling that moment. She stood up strongly and continued praying like nothing happened. But, she kept leaning on me. Going back and forth. Unbalanced. Each time she touched my shoulder I knew she would fall. Till we kneeled. I heard her asking God to end her life in a Good way with a clear voice. I was done.

I thought the woman is dying. After ending the first prayer, I asked if I can bring her water or anything. She said " I'm fine dear.. nothing happened." .. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes" She said. I didn't believe her but there was nothing I can do. She turned to me and said " May God make you happy, successful and give you all the good things in life" I smiled and said.. "same to you"

Still, I was scared. I just kept thinking what was wrong with her. I didn't ask. She kept me worried. Not focused for the rest of the prayers. That moment, I learned something deep. Something I don't think I will forget easily.

Stand up and pray. Pray hard... connect with God and he'll always be there for you. The power of prayer should not be underestimated. We will going to die one day. I always know and believe that fact unlike many people who think they will live forever.  But, that night I felt a deeper connection with Allah. A new connection I didn't experience before. I felt closer when I was scared.

Be in peace with yourself and your creator. Be calm and real. Face the truth no matter what. Be honest. Be strong. Live the word Islam. Just leave everything to God to handle. You believe in him. You believe that there is no God but Him. Be one with the one. I feel sorry for those who don't know what they're doing with their lives. Eat... play ... having fun ... and then? What's next?

Be strong. Pray. 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Random Thoughts on Vision

I am learning from photography everyday. I consider photography a form of meditation, and a tool to observe the world. You learn -with time- that you as a photographer look at things differently. Your perspective is what makes you special. The way you see things and reflect them is what makes you unique.

What makes us unique, in my opinion.. is our experiences in life. How deep we look at things around us. If you are shallow.. it will show. Nothing to hide. Artists show their minds in their work. Nothing more... nothing less. Each phase you go through in life makes you grow. You see things differently. Be it Nature photography... portraits .. or still life. It makes me wonder about my next step. That's the exciting part.

My camera is my special friend. It understands me and I should understand it as well. I know many people who love to be photographers but they don't have a vision. To me, vision is a crucial aspect in my photography journey. If I'm not sure what my vision is as a photographer... then I don't see the point of holding a professional camera. That simple.

The difference between what so called professional photographers and amateur photographers is vision.   That's my opinion. Vision gives you passion and passion will lead you to professional level. Ansel Adams's photographs are the simplest yet the most beautiful. I admire his vision and his message he wanted to deliver. That's why, he is one of my favorite photographers. Sometimes... my love for his photographs shows in my photography.

Photography is a visual art. An art that you want the whole world to see. An art you are proud of. You need to look at it differently. Take it or leave it.. It just my opinion. My advice is to show your vision through your photographs. Why you're here? What do you want to say to the world? If you're here for photography competitions (which nothing is wrong with that when you have a clear vision) ... then I don't think many people will remember your work. Except the judges. :)