Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring's Butterflies!

It is THE season! I love Spring in Kuwait. The weather is amazing.. everyday is different. Cloudy.. rainy..sunny.. with a fresh breeze of cool air. Sometimes, sitting in the our house garden can make a huge difference on my mood. It calms you down after a stressful day at work. Gives you time to meditate and praise God for everything he created. You can see beauty when you choose to see it. I know many negative people who don't appreciate what God is giving them every single day.

To me, seeing a butterfly going from one flower to another makes me appreciate the fact of seeing my lord through his creation. You should pay attention to everything around you. Birds are singing every single day while searching for food. Unfortunately, people complain everyday while they're looking at food. 

Enough with philosophy.. Let's see some photos of Spring's Butterflies! :) 

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Fly - Macro Photography

I tried to write how I took this photo. I couldn't. To sum it up, it was scary and not fun. But, I wanted to try. I guess I'm not into Macro Photography that much. lol.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Failaka Trip

One of the most interesting photography trips so far. Lots of subjects and rich in content. I learned a lot by observing the surroundings. Which is nothing you would expect anyway. Abandoned places everywhere. It's really overwhelming to be inside these places. I imagined happy moments, children's laughs, weddings... all in the past. Walls. I looked at walls. If only these walls could talk..they witnessed a lot. 

Let's start... 

Going to the island .. The weather was amazing.. very cold and cloudy. I liked watching Kuwait city from a distance. I reached the island and started exploring it. I am not into commercialized places for tourists or cafes. Sure, they're nice once you are over your mission. 

I went to explore. Looking at ruins around me. Houses.. schools.. supermarkets.. you name it. To me, some of the photographs are very ironic. I will discuss each one. 

I took this photo inside an abandoned house. A small Kuwaiti house, designed in the 70's. I took a look at the wall and saw the irony. The written word you see in the photo means 'Memories' in Arabic. I love this photo. It is one of the best photos I took so far. 

I went to a school somewhere in the island. It was a very big one. I guess it was all ruined by the Iraqi army back in 1990. When Iraq invaded Kuwait for 7 months, and that's the main reason why all the families who lived on this island decided to leave and live in Kuwait. 

This was written by the students back then. 'We are done studying' in Arabic and that is the irony in my opinion. 

There was a small room without a door, full of old books and magazines. Some were published in the 80's and some older. 

Irony: The Arabic words in the big title are " How and Why?" 

Again, one of my favorite photos. So meaningful. I think it needs no explanation.

As I mentioned, the school is very big. I took my time walking around and saw many interesting things in the middle of the mess. I saw a class room with big windows. I couldn't get over the colors I saw. 

Interesting frames.. right? 

I went to another house. People say, it belongs to the former Amir of Kuwait. Shikh Abduallah AlSalem. Once I reached the place. I was surprised that the walls did not fall out, because there is a bullet hole in every inch of the house. 

Taking photos of abandoned places is overwhelming. So, I stopped and walked around the island. Saw those beautiful horses. They were surprised I guess.

I loved Spring colors there. I'll leave you with colorful images from Kuwait's beloved island Failiaka. Hope you liked the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.