Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Moon Meditation

Tuesday . October 7th 2014. 

Each time I take a shot of the moon, I learn something new. Observing the details. The imperfections are honest and clear yet so beautiful at the same time. Strange feelings. Exactly what happens with certain people you love. Their imperfections make them more beautiful each time you look at them because of their honesty. 

Be around these people. Who are honest with their love. Who are welling to give you whatever you ask for without asking. Make sure you do the same. Because they deserve it. Now, of course you will be in shock every now and then. People are not the same. Lies are also around as much as honesty. Believe in the existence of contradictions. Don't ask for loyalty and deny betrayal at the same time. 

Still.. Be there .. Out there. Don't let these shocks define you. Be successful as big as you can. Shift your focus to the worthy stuff. Don't let these people waste your time. We are here for a limited time but with unlimited potentials and gifts. Feel sorry for those who don't know what their gifts and talents are and why God put them on this earth . They'll keep making fun of others and forget to look at themselves. I have a good news for you.. they are replaceable. :) 

In addition to your loving family and good friends...surround yourself with genuine and honest people. Time will show you their honesty. God will send you these ones without asking. As long as you have good intentions.. no fear should be around. We are living for the afterlife after all. Don't pay much attention to the worldly stuff. :) 

That was my meditation with the moon this month. Hopefully, I'll learn something new next... 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Different Phase

Hello World!

I feel I'm going through a different phase as a photographer. I'm so excited that I am taking it to the next level. It's about time and I know it's late.. but I strongly believe in the right timing for everything. Many supporters pushed me to to do things that I didn't feel it was the right time to do them. But now, I shifted my focus to photography and refused to let distractions take me away from it.. I am in a much happier place as a photographer. I am so proud of myself.

I am happy to announce that I finally have my own studio!! I can't believe I just typed that :D
It just a room in my house that my family gave it to me willingly. Now I feel that whatever you do as an artist, it is important to have your own space. It will make a huge difference. I can see why!

Anyway... nothing professional yet. It  just a place to experiment and to have fun with my toys with friends, family and indoor projects ;)

Here is a look of my place. I have to say it's not perfect yet. Many things need to be done.

NOTE: Many surprises and plans are coming soon. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Simple Note

I loved taking these photos. It just funny how simple things around you can represent your vision. I meditate through photography. I'll try to post some similar indoor subjects soon. I'm enjoying indoor photography a lot. I thought that I'm not so good at it.Now, I don't care about being 'good' ... at least I'm enjoying it. 

Simple Note: God is Great. Life is amazing. Our experiences make us stronger. No matter what we face during this journey. It's all for the best. Let things happen and trust the process. Be thankful. Be successful. Be everything you want to be. Not for anybody else, but for yourself. :)  

Saturday, September 6, 2014

My Biggest Fear - Justice for Aaron

Since the day I acknowledged my brother's condition. My biggest fear was and still getting bigger everyday... How to protect him? I admit .. I am very protective of my brother. Although we - as a family with a special needs child- are fighting to for his independency. It is not easy in this society at all. 

When I was around 8 or 9. My sister and I became tomboys to protect him from verbal bullying. Kids around the block would call him names.. such as crazy. I still have issues with that word. We used to laugh after beating up a kid for calling my brother crazy or stupid. We thought we taught him a lesson. But, we didn't. As our parents told us to stop doing that. 

We reached our twenties and we still had issues with people. "What is wrong with your brother?" It bothered us a lot. Not the question.. but the way people asked the question. There is nothing wrong with my brother. He is my brother and he is not a problem to call him 'wrong'

I volunteered for special needs organizations in Kuwait. It changed my life completely and the way I looked at people's curiosity. I realized I didn't have a problem with the people themselves. In fact, I had a problem with their ignorance and their ways of thinking. 

Since then, my goal is to change that mentality. I am 31 and struggling with a different kind of bullying. Ignorance. 

Aaron Hill waked up my fear again. I read Aaron's story by accident through Instagram and watched  15 seconds of the video. I was watching my fear. I was watching my brother. I was watching every  special needs boy and a girl I know in this video. I wasn't just watching Aaron. Aaron became my brother after watching him. That wasn't an accident. That was a wake up call. 

I was shocked with the whole case. I posted the pictures I saw in my Instagram. People I know texted me "that really happened in America!!!"No one believed it. I know America is not Utopia.... but I am still in shock. I am very happy that I'm living in social media age. The age you can't fool people anymore. The age of not taking BS from anybody anymore. NOT ANYMORE. 

Kuwait. My society is different. I know somewhere out there in this country where special needs bullying is happening everyday. The only problem. We don't talk. People here would rather to shut up instead of talking about it. I would take an action immediately. But, people are different. We are dealing with different cultures.. education levels.. stupid traditions that will get us nowhere.

I remember my mother. A courageous woman as I always know her... saw a housemaid beat a child with down syndrome at a playground. She followed the maid till she reached the house and knocked the door. She saw the father and told him everything. I remember her telling him " I fear God.. This boy can't tell you what happened but I can.. take an action"

Can we talk about deaf schools? That's a long story and basically well-known to everyone in the disability community here. The people who work in deaf education know exactly what I'm talking about. Some teachers are verbally and physically abuse their students. Some good teachers are trying so hard to fix things .. but no one cares to help them. Officials are a part of these crimes. 

Three years ago .. I read in the newspaper a short article of a special needs boy was sexually molested by his non-kuwaiti teacher. No punishment recorded.. the only punishment was the parents .. they wanted be out of the case and the teacher to be out of Kuwait. Thats it. 

In Kuwait's Law.. The only punishment of anyone who sexually molest a special needs person is execution. Period. But... who is paying attention? Who should take an action? NO ONE. 

I am so sorry Aaron.. I know you faced a lot. You are a lucky to have a family that support you. In my country there are some unlucky kids who have no one to support them. They need our help. I promise you, after reading what happened to you. I will do my best to support them. That's my promise to you.

Aaron, that's my picture above holding a sign supporting you. My brother took that picture. With all its imperfection... we love you perfectly. :) 

Note: This post does not imply that every special needs child is abused. I'm just pointing some facts and problems that need to be fixed as soon as possible. We are living in a civilized country, But just like America. We are not perfect. :) 

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

I wanted to make a simple video with a simple message. It's just my opinion on the Ice Bucket Challenge.